22 Replies to “PubTalk: Phillip Martin shares his AdSense story”

  1. Great way for Google to use artists like Phillip Martin to wrap themselves with the humanity of such individuals instead of showing Google’s true colors of arrogant nature they possess. Kindly stop pornography on google.in If you respect Indian culture. Follow the local laws, you sociopaths!!!!!

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  4. How wonderful Mr. Martin! I use your art quite frequently for my husband’s class and website. Thank you so much for offering this marvelous library! I didn’t realize you also shared this amazing gift in the places you do. You are truly an incredible human!

  5. Thanks for your kind words. I do the best I can to give back to others. I feel so fortunate that I found something I love to do and others love to do it with me. I’m glad you love the work.

  6. Wow Phillip! I feel so honored to watch your video. I have enjoyed your work for years as an educator. You are famous in the teaching world! May God continue to bless your work.

  7. It’s win-win for everyone. If I painted murals by myself, it wouldn’t be nearly as special. I love bring a community together to create a wall that they own because they painted it.

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