Pulse Mobile launches m-Mail Performance, e-mail marketing for mobile commerce merchants

Victoria, B.C. (PRWEB) December 11, 2013

Pulse Mobile announced today that mobile commerce merchants and advertisers around the world can now access a 30 million record U.S. database through the companys mobile email marketing platform, m-Mail Performance.

With 63% of all e-mails now being opened on a mobile device, Pulse Mobile launched the m-Mail Performance platform to provide m-commerce merchants with American consumers on mobile e-mail. Through the new platform, Pulse Mobile offers its clients access to proprietary data on 30 million American consumers, including e-mail addresses, ZIP codes, mobile device and other key demographic data.

Mobile devices are where Americans are making buying decisions or gathering critical information to make a buying decision. E-mail on a mobile device is the perfect place for merchants to connect to buyers with promos, special offers and holiday offers, said Eric J. Gerritsen, Vice President of Mobile for Pulse Mobile.

Market research shows that a quarter of all global e-commerce is now done on mobile devices and that most mobile purchasing decisions are predominately influenced by e-mails from merchants.

For more information on the new m-Mail Performance platform, visit http://www.pulsemobile.com.

About Pulse Mobile

Pulse Mobile is a comprehensive mobile marketing platform, featuring multi-channel global distribution for developers, advertisers and mobile merchants. Channels include performance marketing, media buying and a proprietary ad network. Pulse Mobile is a division of GlobalWide Media based Los Angeles.

About GlobalWide Media

GlobalWide Media is a leading digital marketing agency that offers clients access to display advertising, search engine marketing, mobile platforms, lead generation and email marketing. With offices in Los Angeles, Victoria, London, and Hong Kong, GlobalWide generates approximately three million monthly conversions while delivering unparalleled reach across all digital distribution platforms.

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