Pushing The Senses (Digimon AMV)

Pushing The Senses (Digimon AMV)

A Digimon The Movie AMV. Made by Serp using the song Pushing The Senses by Feeder. A very happy AMV in comparison to everything else I’ve done XD. I might update it soon. For more AMVs check out the channel 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Pushing The Senses (Digimon AMV)

  1. underkaz says:

    its gooooood i like the very begining part alot with matt playin guitar but i watch this everyday before school

  2. Jeremiah Gottwald says:

    Love it. Can’t stop watching it.

  3. restnn says:

    That was a bass not a guitar lol.

  4. StaticWhiteRabbit says:

    I enjoyed watching this. :3

  5. TsuraiZangetsu says:

    Sincerely, the best AMV I’ve ever seen. Its great how it all came together and every scene goes with the lyric and rhythm of the song. Its an instant favorite and like. Good Job. 

  6. jhenigma1 says:

    great 😀

  7. thetwilightvamp says:

    What an simply, amazing vid! Great

  8. Irvin Padilla says:

    do u think i can down load this vid?

  9. digifreak10101 says:

    Good choice of music and scenes.

  10. 464kero says:


  11. windsoffate4 says:

    This is such a great video!!!! the song rocks and all of the timings are perfect!

  12. viktesLT says:

    i loves music and video! -^^-

  13. shortdreamz says:

    Nice! Awesome vid & song.^^

  14. flunkedidid says:

    izzy is soo funny…hes like awsome computer geek but still in good shape

  15. evilcaptainred says:

    This is good! Im surprised there arent more views. I put it on my fav, once i saw it.

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