Putting the Pieces Together: Use Social Media to Promote Your Art or Event

Putting the Pieces Together: Use Social Media to Promote Your Art or Event
Event on 2013-04-06 09:30:00

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Presenter: Elgé Premeau               

When it comes to promoting your art online, there’s lots of advice out there on things you can do but virtually nothing on how to put the pieces together to really get traction with social media.

In this class, we will answer questions like:

·         What exactly am I trying to do?

·         Enough about me. What else am I going to talk about?

·         What will my online persona be? What will I share? What’s off limits?

·         What social networks should I use?

·         What promotional tactics should I use?

·         How will I know they’re working?

·         How do I coordinate my online and offline marketing to maximize results?

·         This stuff is evolving at the speed of light. Where do I go for help?

This class isn’t Facebook 101 or Twitter 101. It assumes you already know the basics of social networking. Are you a beginner? You’re welcome in this class too. We’ll take this out of the world of theory and give you lots of real life examples of who have successfully used the internet to promote their art and events. But to make this class especially useful , the instructor would like participants to bring your own story so you can leave this class with a specific plan.

Elgé Premeau is an internet marketing consultant. For over 11 years she has worked with consultants, writers and artists to build their business online. She has extensive experience in all aspects of internet marketing including: building websites and blogs, getting websites to rank in the search engines (aka search engine optimization),shopping carts, building mailings lists, and social networking. She prides herself on explaining  the internet in plain English.

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