Pwn2Own at CanSecWest 2013

Pwn2Own at CanSecWest 2013
Yesterday, MWR Labs (@mwrlabs) demonstrated a full sandbox bypass exploit against the latest stable version of the Google Chrome browser. The demonstration took place during the annual Pwn2Own competition at the CanSecWest conference, …
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Disney launches Oz-themed Google Chrome web experience
Disney has launched a Google Chrome experiment based on the upcoming film Oz: The Great and Powerful. The company worked with digital media production agency Unit 9 to create the experience, called Find Your Way to Oz, which uses HTML5 web …
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Google Chrome Scroll to next image extension
The Google Chrome extension Scroll to next image adds two keyboard shortcuts to the web browser to add another option to browse images on websites opened in the browser. Instead of having to use the mouse at all to browse images, or keys to go up or …
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