PWNED – Battlefield 3: End Game | Four New Maps Two New Modes | PWNED March 2013

Exclusive first look at Battlefield 3: Endgame from DICE in Stockholm, Sweden. Lead designer Niklas Fegraeus talks through some of the details. Endgame is al…
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  1. I saw that its coming out on the ps3 though. when the ps4 is coming out in December, but if you got medal of honor warfighter new you can get access to the beta or so the box of my preowned game says.

  2. no of course they add it to ps3, and 360. im my personal opinion I prefer playing battlefield on the ps3 mostly because well its a game with great graphics lets make it look as much in high def as possible . and I do play 360 but that’s when I pull out halo, gta, or gears. point is don’t underestimate consoles sure pc has a lot of gamers but more play on console for more comfortable controls.

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  4. Battlefield 4 won’t be out until next year. The beta is released this fall. They’ll probably be releasing gameplay on March 27th (at least that’s what the battlefield site says). srsly how are people that dumb.

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