Python How to Program Pt 1

Part 1 of my Python How to Program series. If you have never written a program before, this is for you. I walk you step by step on how to program in Phython. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to create a 100% automated website, that will make you money.
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  1. mousumisk86 says:

    One of the best Free resources on learning Python. Google “Python Central”

  2. derekbanas says:

    No big deal. There is a lot of confusion about python 2.7 and 3. Wait until you try to figure out which libraries work with which version. Then it really gets fun :)

  3. brother776 says:

    sorry i must of downloaded the incorrect version i shall correct this now so i can follow this one , i should’ve read it my bad

  4. derekbanas says:

    I see the problem now. This tutorial is for Python 3 and you are using python 2.7. You have to use raw_input with Python 2.7 while it is preferred to use input for Python 3. I have a Python 2.7 tutorial if you’d prefer to use it. It is on my YouTube channel

  5. brother776 says:

    i think worked it out (well hopefully) , just did another search around on the net and found there are two input functions , input and raw_input , so i used the raw_input , which made it work and now i can use characters this is what it looked like name= raw_input(‘enter your name:’) it worked fine after that , weird ay?

  6. brother776 says:

    oh weird i’m using the most up today version for windows…. :/ i can’t work out

  7. derekbanas says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t know why you’re getting an error. It excepts characters in the tutorial

  8. brother776 says:

    i have discovered the reason why it only accepts numbers do you have a remedy for this ?

  9. brother776 says:

    hi there , im having a little trouble when i place the string name = input(‘enter your name: ‘) print (“hi” , name ) i receive an error regarding the “name ” section as its says not defined ? do you have any remedies at all ?

  10. AssilalOmega says:

    it remindes me of php… EASY 😀

  11. derekbanas says:

    I have a python 2.7 tutorial as well. This tutorial is for version 3.0 +


    i have version 2.7 is that ok????

  13. ali aouak says:

    I couldn’t git back to the beginning of the line how can I do that I can’t do it when I hit enter

  14. Daemonicus3140 says:

    Oh and 1 more thing, i cant find the code on your side could you send it to my email or just at a comment here? :) My email is :)

  15. Daemonicus3140 says:

    Yea thank you it worked 😉 Im going to watch the rest of the python tutorials… :) So be ready to help me out again! xD

  16. nimajnebula says:

    thank you!

  17. derekbanas says:

    You should get the code from my site and try it out. You may have to replace the backquotes with normal quotes and then it will work. That should clear up any issues. Python is picky about whitespace so I figure that is probably the source of the problem

  18. Daemonicus3140 says:

    Yea hey i tried to do what you, and it said:”There’s an error in your program: invalid syntax”) and then highlights the first word, in this case Hello. What should i do? :) Ps i am running Windows 7 64-bit Friendly regards Daemonicus

  19. RapAndCookies says:

    6:08 *you’re

  20. derekbanas says:

    This is definitely a Python 3 tutorial. Thank you for helping out :)

  21. Spencer McMaster says:

    I believe it is becuase you are using Python 2.7. I did the same thing, but I got Python 3 and now it works.

  22. Kathy LaHuis says:

    Derek, I tried to download this, it brings me back to the page I started at. How can I do it so after it’s downloaded it goes tot he page showing on your site?

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