Python Programming – Introduction

Python Programming - Introduction

If there is one programming language that is dominating the pipelines of major studios, you can be pretty sure that such language is Python. Python is a cros…
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17 Responses to Python Programming – Introduction

  1. Louthsk8er says:

    print “great tutorial” sys.exit

  2. Fr3k3 says:

    For 3.x in python, to print text you have to (at least this is what I did) use print (“bye”)

  3. Sergey WontTell says:

    c/c++ all the way

  4. rudy cortes says:

    Yes, to write any serious code in python you will need an editor that supports python syntax. Otherwise you will have to handle all your indentations yourself. I use the Mac terminal myself for all development. I use VIM with a lot of customization to work faster/better. Cheers

  5. djhuset10 says:

    Do you need a python editor if you use Terminal (Mac)??

  6. Achwaq Khalid says:

    @Beware Ozzie you’re welcome!

  7. Beware Ozzie says:

    Never knew that, thanks :)

  8. Achwaq Khalid says:

    @Beware Ozzie no you can actually instal 3rd party plugins to code in an other programming language in this case it will Pydev for python which also supports Jython & Ironthon.

  9. Achwaq Khalid says:

    @Justin Goldsmith Yes, you might wanna try PyDev which also supports development in Jython and IronPython.

  10. Franz Franko says:

    Can’t you make more if these?

  11. Stephanie G says:

    You can download Pydev the python Eclipse plugin.

  12. rudy cortes says:

    Eclipse is a general IDE most popularly used with JAVA, however you can install plugins to use many other languages. You can use pydev available at

  13. Beware Ozzie says:

    Eclipse is for Java, not Python. You can use just a notepad, to make a python program, by saving it as a *.py

  14. AppleNews4579 says:

    uh… uh… uh… uh… uh… uh… uh… :’

  15. Justin Goldsmith says:

    Does Eclipse support python?

  16. mdanny42 says:

    Very neat and useful intro!

  17. samasego says:

    Does it matter when you use double quotations as opposed to single quotation?. I see you use the double quotation in the assignment of your dictionary, a.

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