Q1Media and AdExcite Pull More Value From Online Audience Data

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

Q1Media, a leading digital ad sales firm, and AdExcite, an online video ad network, today announced that they would begin working with online data provider eXelate to offer a more comprehensive level of ad targeting. Q1Media and AdExcites clients will be able to deliver online display and video advertising to highly customized audience segments by matching proprietary first-party data with corroborating third-party data from eXelate that details an individuals known interest in a specific product, service or activity as well as predictive data about their purchase intent.

eXelates approach gets us the closest we have ever been to the Holy Grail of online ad targeting ads displayed only to members of the intended consumer segment and only when they are ready to buy, stated Bill Wiemann, CEO of Q1Media. By working with eXelate, Q1Media and AdExcite can create exponentially more efficient online ad campaigns and better monetize the large scale audience we have built.

Q1Media had 136 million unique visitors and AdExcite had 115 million unique visitors in August of this year, according to comScore, a third-party audience measurement service. Both companies has seen their traffic increase over 130% since January of 2012.

About Q1Media and AdExcite

Q1Media is a leading digital advertising group focused on connecting advertisers and brand managers with the 18 to 34 year old demographic. Q1Media creates custom online advertising campaigns and specializes in online video advertisements. Founded in 2004, Q1Medias clients include top digital marketers such as Sony Ericsson, the United States Air Force, and Chevy as well as college and university recruiters. Q1Media is the exclusive sales force for AdExcite, an innovative video ad network focused on delivering high impact video units for advertisers and brand managers. AdExcites technology platform delivers its proprietary vSlider unit as well as IAB Standard video ad inventory. Its clients include Starcom MediaVest Group, Ignited USA and Mindshare.

For sales inquiries, visit http://www.q1media.com or http://www.adexcite.com.

For more information about Q1Media and AdExcite, contact Griffin Davis, at griffin(at)q1media(dot)com or 512.619-8778.

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