QNAP HD Station Receives Gold Award

Newbury, Berkshire (PRWEB UK) 8 March 2013

QNAP Systems, Inc.s newly launched HD Station has been awarded a Gold Award by respected review site Andrews Reviews. The pioneering new HD Station feature allows users to enjoy a full HD experience simply by connecting their QNAP NAS box to their HDTV using an HDMI cable. The new HD Station, in conjunction with the intuitive XBMC media player, allows users to easily enjoy movies, home videos, photos, and music using the Turbo NAS.

QNAPs new Turbo NAS TS-x69L range is fully equipped to utilise the revolutionary new HD Station feature, which transforms the NAS into a fully functioning media player. The reviewer, Andrew Phillips, observed that installing and setting up the new HD Station is a very simple process, as a result of the step-by-step guide laid out in QNAPs Auto Setup option. In addition to movie and photo playback, additional features of the HD Station include Google Chrome and YouTube access. Andrew was impressed with the additional software, particularly the XBMC media player which he praised as a fantastic feature that really expands the functionality of the NAS.

Brian Pan, Sales Director of QNAP described the HD Station as a huge leap in integrating the QNAP Turbo NAS into the home. The simplicity and affordability of the new TS-x69L range combined with the free HD station software means that QNAP products will become increasingly central to home entertainment. There is something for everyone with the new HD station, whether you wish to show off holiday pictures to friends and family, surf the internet, entertain the kids or watch films on your big screen TV.

The HD Station supports various remote control options for controlling playback on the Turbo NAS, including the QNAP IR remote control, USB wireless keyboard and mouse, or MCE-compatible remote controls. In addition, remote control apps are available, including the Qremote app that is available for iOS

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