Qualities of a good site

Matt Cutts answers Google questions: – Does Sitemaps depend on pageviews? – What are the top things to do in SEO? – How does Google decide to use a DMOZ snippet versus the description from a meta tag? – Should I use bold or strong tags? Matt Cutts Answers: Matt Cutts

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19 Responses to Qualities of a good site

  1. Gabriel Hasbun says:

    Especially considering “Internet marketing videos” are flooded with scams. This guy is actually an SEO developer.

  2. Anne A says:

    Thank you Matt, you make me feel like the world’s a better place! The basic principals of web design haven’t really changed: speed and content! Love your videos… thanks for putting things in plain English and for being encouraging. 😀

  3. MensWatchUK says:

    interesting video’s mat

  4. Chamika Ranasingha says:

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  5. Jason Bourne says:

    SEO Companies & Tech companies… Please name just 1 company that has boot straped their company to a 100M+ online concern without funding. I can’t find even 1 company. Please prove me wrong that you really can do something great on the web. After 10 years of busting my ass with ZERO results, I don’t believe very much anymore. ( I have followed the rules, beat the competetions prices, & guaranteed services. BIG FAT GOOSE EGG with sales in a market that represents a 12T market. WTF!?

  6. Barry Livingstone says:

    Some of these videos (like this one) answer some really great questions. Wish I’d subscribed to this channel earlier.

  7. SEOinVancouver says:

    Thank you very much.

  8. GamesnBrains says:

    I could not agree more. There are thousands of SEO programs out there, but this guy has all of the answers that anyone is going to need to rank and do good by Google.

  9. Kevin M. Thomas says:

    thanks matt your very informative im a new musician trying to get exposure

  10. Dietmar Dala says:

    google got to much power. They can do what they want and nobody cares

  11. Jonathan Leger says:

    The recent google updates have caused my big sites to drop in rankings while my little sites (which I know very little about the topics they target) are ranking higher.

  12. Marcelo Custódio says:

    recorded in the ’90 ? Just kidding..Excelent content, Matt.

  13. Glen Earley says:

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  14. fahadriaz45 says:

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  15. marwa2604 says:

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  16. IMAVEX says:

    Which one do you prefer? Our iWorksite and ClubWorksite solution uses the -strong- tag.

  17. idanieltube says:

    Really liked the question concerning the -b- versus -strong- tag.

  18. RobertoCDorado says:

    Hola matt,ojala y supiera como posicionar mis sitios,seria lo mejor que me pasase,pero nunca lo sabre

  19. Mandar Shirke says:

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