Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Mind STUART HAMEROFF (P.1)

Stuart Hameroff goes through a wide array of quantum mind concepts.. I hope you enjoy His personal page www.quantumconsciousness.org Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe if you want to see more like it!

23 thoughts on “Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Mind STUART HAMEROFF (P.1)

  1. What about Ra, or Thor, or Vishnu, or Joseph Smith, or the Dagda, or Pele, or Quan Yin? These are but a handful of deities whom people have believed in for ages, and you really have no reason to believe one over the other. Either you’re right and they’re all wrong, one of them is right and every other is wrong, or all are wrong and there are no gods.

  2. i guess its possible to be zeus but then that means there should be a perseus which is kinda like the similar story with the father god and his son jesus

  3. Ok let me correct everyone here, whats happening at the smallest level is not on and off, what you have is what is called a “hyper dimensional inverted plasma phase potential” which for this purpose we will call space. Then inside that space you have a ripple quanta wave interferance caused by the instability of the plasma phase state. This then gives rise to a super position vibrating refridgerator which cools down the motion of equal aplliances, resulting in us! Pfff this guy has no clue!!

  4. Considering religious people either want you to be tortured for eternity for not joining them, or they blow you up so they can get laid, people should fear the delusional.

  5. I cant understand this when im sober, after about 12 beers and getting drunk enough, I watched this video and understood every word, it stuck when I sobered up to and luckily im immune to hangovers and wake up full of energy. My liver is faster than ever meaning I sober up fast, some lightweight Americans cant stand up straight after 2 drinks lol

  6. @0zero0360 I had the same thought on the way to work today. If single cell organisms and everything before are needed to manifest reality, then how did we get here?

  7. If we are all products of consciousness and the universe is in fact conscious i.e. God, then there is a possibility of going backwards in time. Some may say don’t say the G word but the true mathematical nature of reality is still debatable along those lines.

  8. ok so you are saying things wont ‘move on’ if there is no conscious observer. ok , what a about the bingbang? we were not there, and we needed it to happen so we can exist. how did it happen then?

  9. What? I wasn’t referring to race at all, my nationality is not American either. Time isn’t real, it simply is an illusion. Future doesn’t exist, future is just a potential of possibilities, past no longer exists, all it is is an experience of memory in your head. Present is the only thing that does exist. Even spirituality states that. Lot of science is a theory, lot of Einstein’s discoveries too. String Theory and quanutm mechanics was what einstein was trying to find before he died.

  10. are you insinuating that i’m canadian, why you must be american how did i know that…rofl well i’m originally from belfast, and you think time isn’t real? ROFL you’re a funny illitarate tossrag, you’re a rambling gowl with a mouth full of goat piss, may i suggest special relativity to you? no maybe not..a bit out of your league don’t you think? considering you think time isn’t real, ahahah and i’ve got no idea EH ..bloody jesus you’re fucked in the head

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  12. Spirituality already stated that Time does not exist and that the Present is the only thing that exists so there’s no point in dwelling upon the past or dreaming the future because you are only creating a illusionary time cycle in your consciousness. The world is far different from how we perceive it and quantum physics is just beginning to show that.

  13. Maybe he was never your real grandfather. Or maybe you knocked up your grandmother after you killed your grandfather which in turn produced your parent, which Futurama proves is quite possible.

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