Quantum Consciousness Series

An intro to the new module based Quantum Consciousness Series I’m offering with amazing Polly! www.consciousnessseries.com
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  1. Trinh Nguyen says:

    Hmmm cookies, corners, cartoons, and content

  2. Allan Starmaster says:

    Is that Polly a scientist, psychologist,neurotransmitter neuroscientist, physicist and now after all those years of hard education she is only a oracle reader and channeler? you must be kidding me man!

  3. Elle Woods says:

    So excited. Still deciding do I need 1&2<3 3&4

  4. pollyprimeau says:

    That’s how I originally started seeing interdimensionally 😉 Great advice and information!

  5. Charis Brown Malloy says:

    Also, those white glittery spots are also white blood cells seen in the eye against blue sky – they’re called “blue sky sprites” but are def alive and can be a bridge into seeing other dimensions :)

  6. Charis Brown Malloy says:

    The pineal gland is in the exact center of your head, a few inches behind your eyebrows/bridge of nose. Feel it until you can feel it pulsing. :)

  7. Charis Brown Malloy says:

    To activate the third eye you don’t want to forget to work on the actual pineal gland – just working on the forehead is like opening the door without giving the energy anywhere to go.

  8. pollyprimeau says:

    That’s awesome!  You’re so welcome :) I’m glad you like it :) Namaste :)

  9. Emecepola says:

    Okidokey!. checking the Website now and I will add the websites to my favorites :) Extremely interesting. thanks ! Namaste

  10. pollyprimeau says:

    Who me? 😉 hehe I don’t have an official one yet, but within the next month, I will have one :) If you’d like, check out my site go to the consciousness series website and check out the About page. You’ll find a link to my site there….for some reason, I can’t post it here hehe

  11. Emecepola says:

    to activate the third eye just meditate and when you get to a numb like state focus on your forehead and visualize a purple circle figure (: .. that way you stimulate this part of the physical vessel. thats for all that have doubts of how to open the third eye.

  12. Emecepola says:

    I would love to share how I see energy…. I see energy as when you put yourr tv and the channels are not working… and you see this tinny dots moving fast and going crazy on the screen! If i focus on the clear sky I can start seeing this. Now.. Im sure that Ajna’s activity.. and off course its translated to the physical eyes… It does not require a lot of effort. It just require some meditation and activacion of the Ajna chakra or “Minds eye”.. Just stay away from fluoride.

  13. Emecepola says:

    does she have a youtube channel? (:

  14. pollyprimeau says:

    The only thing scheduled aside from the actual dates would be the calls. I’m trying to find a way to make mp3s of the calls as well though, but no promises on that lol If you have anymore questions, just let us know :)

  15. pollyprimeau says:

    That’s a great question! The information will be available to you in the classroom 24/7 during the dates of the module. Each week Charis &/or I will hold a live call for you guys to get direct answers to your questions. We will talk in the classroom about everything as well. This way, every student gets to work at their own pace, at a time that’s convenient for them :)

  16. 74zion says:

    sounds great! do you have to be available at a certain time or are the classes archived? Mahalo!

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