Quantum Consciousness (Stuart Hameroff)

An interview with Dr. Hameroff regarding the aspects of quantum physics and consciousness.
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20 Responses to Quantum Consciousness (Stuart Hameroff)

  1. Thomas White says:

    Consciousnesses came to man with the pressures-of-survival, we had to evolve and think-consciously to survive and out compete the constant pressures of nature. “Consciousnesses requires the effort to think” –Thomas White

  2. simonm1976sm says:

    This guy does not know what he is talking about. One single atom is conscious unto itself, to just say its humans that are conscious is suggesting some kind of magical force is implanted in the building process. Absurd and lays in the realm of mysticism, certainly not science.

  3. jaytea42 says:

    Excellent Stuart! Consciousness is the root of all being. The video needs better audio and video resolution, hard to watch & listen with all the aliasing.

  4. Jag2012G says:

    Can a computer be self aware or conceptualize. Diane Fossey said you can teach a gorilla language but a gorilla can not be taught to conceptualize. I would guess neither can a paramecian. At the quantum level, only now exists so there must be a constant flow to past which does not exist anymore and present which does exist from future which does not exist yet.

  5. geppegep says:

    no you got it all wrong, he says in summary; I know i have free will, but that doesent correalate to the fact that advance machines wouldnt have it if built the same, and he says that basic neurons cant produce consciousness by themselves, and that we have to go deeper into each neuron, but ofc then quantum mechanics is applied to everything saying that things can be two places at the same time, get entangled over enormous distances etc. And all of this is true btw

  6. shasha1873 says:

    Good argument. But how do you explain instinct and intuition?

  7. covertbabo12 says:

    Hugo de Garis says the brain has 10 to the power of 16 bits per second capacity It’s pretty obvious to me that consciousness can be built in a machine, because consciousness is also *built* in a baby/child. Because the baby starts from 1 cell, and becomes conscious after a few years.

  8. ShadyForce4 says:

    So because our brain is more complex, we have consciousness? Pst, it doesn’t make sense to me!

  9. dmbasso says:

    What he says, in summary: I don’t like the prospect of not having free will, so it must come from this thing that we are far from understanding well. Ok, I respect your opinion, but I disagree. Some notes: – bacteria show complex computations (through behavior) because of evolution pressure; it doesn’t correlate to how neurons evolved. – deterministic doesn’t mean predictable, you can’t predict the state of a chaotic system over long time.

  10. MyMPPM says:

    Nice video, I have selected it as one of my favorites, and even incorporated it into my playlistL Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, Artificial Consciousnes

  11. Bak3dB3an says:

    u simply don’t get it. Look at some Deepak Chopra stuff, maybe you can understand some more :)

  12. Bak3dB3an says:

    u missed the point.

  13. joel230182 says:

    I agree. Fuck the police. We’re not responsible for our actions, we are deterministic machines/puppets. We can’t choose right? it is just an illusion.

  14. squamish4244 says:

    Well aren’t you a regular Roger Penrose. Wait, Penrose supports this theory!

  15. squamish4244 says:

    And he was a real dick about it. Like Hameroff had enough good points in his talk that Krauss’ own worldview felt threatened. Krauss was a dick to Sam Harris too when Harris even suggested the possibility of studying reincarnation.

  16. Tater Gumfries says:

    We ain’t in control of anything.

  17. Dennis Santos says:

    Oh look, it’s Ming!

  18. jellooofishes says:

    the guy talks like twice maybe three times… get over it

  19. IndianVedicHistory says:

    whats very strange is that i hear that electrons can vanish and reapers in another location of the brain, but science has only one idea to why it does that and that is idea of parallel universe … god i hate saying that lol but yeah that’s what i hear.

  20. Zavatari says:

    I’m wondering how Dr. Hameroff thinks our Consciousness manifests after death ? Or does he believe there is no life after death ? I have a degree in Physics and took a 9 month graduate course from Richard Feynman. I was never told that Newton believed that planets and stars have consciousness.  I had to read Newton’s writings to learn this. They never mentioned consciousness in my Physics education, though they constantly ridiculed Astrology. Historically, Physics came from Astrology.

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