Quartz Imaging Showcases Semiconductor Solutions at ISTFA Show

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) November 01, 2013

Quartz FA-LIMS

The Quartz Failure Analysis Laboratory Information System is the worlds only LIMS system designed specifically for Semiconductor Failure Analysis Labs. Users of Quartz FA-LIMS have reported significant time savings and improved effectiveness of their laboratory workflow. The latest version of FA-LIMS has been improved in a number of key areas.

The Image Smart FA-LIMS is a web based application that features: Detailed job requests from authorized internal and external customers; Job approval and priority schemes; Assignment of tasks based on the approved request; Preliminary and approved reports that are very quick and easy to generate; and Lab performance reports for management.

Quartz PCI-AM

It can be very time consuming for engineers to measure the various features of an X-SEM image of a semiconductor device. These manual measurements can also be inaccurate and there is frequently inconsistency between how engineers do the manual measurements. The collection of data is often very time consuming as well.

With the new PCI-AM (Automated Measurement) module engineers simply click inside the feature and the measurement is done automatically with increased accuracy and consistency among all engineers. The measurement results are displayed on the image and in a spreadsheet grid. The data in the grid can be easily exported into a CSV file suitable for importation into other software such as Microsoft Excel. The images and data can also be easily included in standard Quartz PCI reports with just a few clicks.

Quartz PCI Version 9.5 We will be demonstrating the newest release of PCI Lab and PCI Office – Version 9.5, which includes numerous new features.

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