“Can’t Explain” out on ITunes MONDAY 19th September 2011 Now Playlisted on Chart Show, Kiss Tv Flava TV, Stars TV, and The BOX TV. (In Light of Worlds Aids Day on 1st December 2011) “CAN’T EXPLAIN” is a song that was recorded to highlight the great work PPC London does with families and young people who have HIV or are caring for a family member with the condition. Record producer Charles Bailey who is well known for getting involved in issues that involve young people, was asked by PPC LONDON CHARITY to help highlight the growing problem of HIV and in LONDON. Figures show that South East London has the highest rate in the UK. Charles Bailey says “The sad fact is that most of the young people with the virus are born with it, but we must still raise awareness of this issue’s and other Sexual transmitted Infections”. CB arranged a meeting with some of the young people to try and understand there situation before writing the song and surprised the young people by bringing with him the most talked about rapper UK’s QUESTION999. Question999 said “When the label asked me to get involved and help write this song I said yes immediately, writing the lyrics came naturally after meeting the young people affected and hearing their stories, it was moving and made me appreciate my life more than ever”, “I was shocked to know that SOUTH EAST LONDON has the highest numbers of youth with HIV and other STD’s in the UK”. People need to know more and the youth need attention, guidance and
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