Quora impasse

Quora impasse

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I am not an organization, I am an individual. I do not profit from my social presence online. I am a privacy researcher with valid reasons for not using the name on my birth certificate online. I’m sure that there are many other Quora users who also use names that do not match their official government-issued identification. To disclose my full birth name, even temporarily, would do me harm. Logical Extremes *is* my name on the internet, and everyone who knows me here and on other sites knowns me by this name – for years in many cases. There are no issues of authenticity, reputation, or accountability.

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I see that I’ve been "Blocked from editing until user responds to name change request." I did respond, and saw no further comment from "Quora Admin" – if that is your real name ;).

We are at an impasse if Quora will not recognize that there are many needs and desires for people on BOTH sides of the Quora ecosystem to have privacy in the context of civil discourse. If Quora won’t recognize that even well-established pseudonyms have validity in contexts like this, then it is precluding a lot of insightful and constructive contribution.

Quora should trust that the mechanisms it has designed to highlight the best content will also minimize the intrusion of those with mal-intent.

I strongly suggest that Quora rethink this policy. You have many users using names that are not their actual birth names, and I am singled out because I choose not to be deceptive by using a "real"-sounding name.

It would be a great detriment to Quora to suppress the contributions of only those without real-sounding names.

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[Update] I don’t seem to be able to follow people any more, only topics. Why? My friends continue to find me and follow me, and I can’t follow back. They don’t care if I don’t use a real-sounding name. They *choose* to follow me anyway. They know me and know how to find me this way.

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