R.S. Andrews HVAC Hires Air Conditioning Search Engine Marketing Company Micromanaged Media, Inc. to Promote AC Repair Services in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

Marketing an air conditioning business can be a very expensive proposition. Old methods of advertising are considered a waste of money and time. To that end, Micromanaged Media, Inc has been hired to produce a marketing plan that embraces the new media. The comprehensive plan includes Google + Local, Facebook, Tier 1 Links , press releases and more.

One of the major components, the website cortisyn.com, has been redone by Micromanaged Media, Inc. to market the services of R.S. Andrews Air Conditioning Repair in Atlanta, GA. R.S. Andrews HVAC, like most furnace repair http://cortisyn.com/atlanta-natural-gas-furnace/ contractors, found that it is very difficult to stand out from the competition, especially on the internet. There are many SEO firms that promise results, but very few that have the proven track record of MicroManaged Media, Inc.

R.S. Andrews values an educated consumer, so they wanted a website that shared knowledge about residential and commercial heating and air conditioning. The website also needed to found in the search engine results for keywords that produced sales. When potential clients need air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation of new equipment in Atlanta, GA. R.S. Andrews wants a website that ranks high for these terms.

MicroManaged Media, Inc. works nationwide with air conditioning http://airconditioningroswell.com/ and plumbing contractors. The companys top priority is to provide a steady stream of sales leads for a reasonable cost to the contractor. These leads must be high quality and ready to close.

Contractors of all types benefit from Micromanaged Medias network of websites (covering topics like air conditioning, plumbing, pest control, and home improvement), keyword research, onsite optimization, Youtube video creation, paid press releases, fresh content updates, redoing current websites and more.

Micromanaged Medias strength is their extensive background in the building and remodeling trades. Content produced by the marking firm clearly conveys that the contractor they represent is the leader in that particular community for the services offered.

Having been a remodeling contractor has given the founder of MicroManaged Media, Inc. insight as to what the contractor and their prospective client want in a transaction. Building a relationship with the contractors prospect the first seconds they are on the website is equally important as getting the web site to the top of the search engine results.

When contractors search on the web for air conditioning search engine marketing or plumbing search engine marketing, MicroManaged Media, Inc. is at the top of the search results. There goal is to see that their clients site comes up at the top of the search engines, too.

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