R5 Popstar! Magazine Photo Shoot Live Stream January 20, 2013

Watch the RECORDING of the Ustream broadcast done by R5 during their photo shoot with Popstar! Magazine on Sunday, January 20th, 2013. **THIS IS NOT A LIVE BROADCAST BUT A RECORDING FROM A LIVE BROADCAST** Popstar! Magazine Ustream Channel: www.ustream.tv
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to R5 Popstar! Magazine Photo Shoot Live Stream January 20, 2013

  1. Alisa Goldsmith says:

    I got that popstar ^.^ and I can’t WAIT for the EP to come out oh my goodness it’s gunna rock.

  2. NateBeaune says:

    That video was only like 5 seconds! *Looks at length” or 15 minutes…

  3. fancylandfilms887 says:

    I luv you Ross

  4. fancylandfilms887 says:

    Do you like crepes

  5. fancylandfilms887 says:


  6. Marimar423 says:

    lool i died when Rocky was like “ross can you be the father to my babies? ooo! how many babies do you have?” and Riker goes “no she doesnt… Nevermind” and he was gonna explain the story of the birds and the bees! ha

  7. ILoveR5Forever1226 says:


  8. Shania Davisha says:

    ross you are s cute and i love you guys so much too

  9. Margaret Malloy says:

    @thejadarock OMG I died at that part!

  10. Margaret Malloy says:

    @iHeartHelloKitty0151 lol

  11. ariel88ification says:

    I want some pop

  12. Alfredotendo says:

    do yah like each other

  13. TheJmd00725 says:

    Ross don’t date laura

  14. tonnia allen says:

    i love ross lynch and his sister thier the best

  15. sims3passions says:

    LOL it’s like a Burp-Ross

  16. cierra rose says:


  17. cierra rose says:

    I love when Ross said its Bella’s lullaby from twilight guys

  18. KLovesR5 says:

    I freaking flipped out when Rocky said he loved me!!! And I’m a random girl.I was the one that said “I’m eating an apple”. And Ross said “Ellington,hi.Oh my gosh”. And that was what I said.I said “Ellington,hi” xD

  19. TheForeverR5 says:

    ross is my valentine.. i go crazy about R5 all day, every day !!!!!!!!!

  20. Louise Tomlinson says:

    love ross<3 talented!

  21. Taylor Kellenbenz says:

    i freaking love u Ross Lynch and R5<3<3<3<3 and i wish that Ross Lynch could be my valentine because i have been thru alot and my wish is that i will get to meet u Ross<3

  22. kylie witherspoon says:

    I love that Riker likes the song shake it by metro station just as much as I do. Yayyy

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