Racing as recorded through Google Glass at Go Kart Racer in Burlingame, CA

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Racing as recorded through Google Glass at Go Kart Racer in Burlingame, CA

  1. Dragos Petcu says:

    Even with Google Glass his driving sucks. I’m just saying… :)

  2. XtreemVideo says:

    google glass unboxing on my channel!

  3. jamie gallagher says:

    I was waiting for virtual question mark boxes to pop up on the track like Mario Kart. Then virtually destroy the person in front or drop a cheeky banana…

  4. lorenk adit says:

    oculus is better than glass so far , someone have to make another glasses , oculus and glass need to improve ,

  5. lorenk adit says:

    but glass isnt good enough for $1500

  6. lorenk adit says:

    1500$ just for it , whaaaaat , glass is too much expensive , just lol feature

  7. Drwallerbong says:

    fake and gay

  8. Joshua Chang says:

    not the same thing lol. google glass doesn’t just record video

  9. SpearofThoth says:

    And u paid 1500$ for this crap? Yah 1st person pov makes pretty uninteresting video.

  10. nurb101 says:

    Anyone I see with this shit I’m going to point my phone camera towards them for the duration because that’s basically what google glass is, someone holding their phone out in front of them while they go around which makes people uncomfortable.

  11. Shallaylon says:

    lol u are comparing a small camera and glasses that have the same functions as a next gen phone…

  12. joeymon222 says:

    the developer version is $1000 lol. not the consumer version.

  13. Leandro Medeiros says:

    What are these stickers on the wheel? anti-f, what?

  14. Junior Barbosa says:

    this is not google glass. the guy does not turn her head. false

  15. Moises Delgadillo says:

    K1 speed all the way

  16. TheMusicofSmash says:

    real loife mario kart

  17. Mike Trieu says:

    Wow, Matt, let off the throttle sometimes. Sheesh.

  18. Andres Arcia says:

    Wow, now we really CAN record with our eyes! This and the Oculus Rift are the future!! Too bad they are EXPENSIVE. C’mon Google, we all aren’t Bill Gates…..

  19. KenHi29 says:

    meh ……I record with my eyes

  20. Richard Gilboy says:

    1,500 = developer price to scare away consumers

  21. racedaemon says:

    Even worse, it is actually $1,500!

  22. kkeaglesfan7 says:

    Ty Moss brought me here

  23. Voltorwa says:

    really enjoy this! you should say: Glass. Use NOS!

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