Racism on youtube

Join my website: www.midnightswordsfilms.com Follow me on twitter: twitter.com Yea I actually got about two messages about that so I decided to make a video discussing it.

16 thoughts on “Racism on youtube

  1. I’m not a racist person I love all the cultures and skin colours but I don’t like Jews I don’t know if I was raised hearing it all the time but I just don’t like them and I believe their should be another hitler

  2. Who ever invented the word ‘cracker’ to insult white people is an idiot. were i come from a cracker is food. Hence the name cheese an crackers. What i’ve noticed with youtube is that it’s mainly americans that are racist. Just thick people who have nothing better to say or do. Come on America, wake up and realise that we are all from the same planet!

  3. Ok.. so u say ur worki´ng for a multimillion dollar company,and in the same while u putting up gameplay videos on youtube..well thats sounds wierd.. also in the fact that ur 19 and plating cartoon games -.- pff

  4. You know how many black people bash on me because i am simply white. AND everytime i bring it up they dont think its racist. They are convinced the racism defined means white people bashing black people. either which way, i hate everybody equally . Humans suck.

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