Ragga Jam Workshop – Laure Coortellemont

Ragga Jam Workshop - Laure Coortellemont

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8 Responses to Ragga Jam Workshop – Laure Coortellemont

  1. southbeachlondn says:

    Can someone please translate what she said. Thanks

  2. hntaineko says:

    I’d be very grateful if someone could tell us what song she dances to at 0:40!

  3. ChispiCatter says:

    Nossa, ela é bellissima! Fala mesmo como brasileira! 😛 Ninguem pode se imaginar q ela é francesa.

  4. multidea88 says:

    can someone translate me in english or german what laure c. tells about what ragga jam is :) thank u for every help can you send it maybe on multi_femin@hotmail.com ? thanks

  5. Aida Nurgaleeva says:

    what a song is at 40 second??? Please

  6. Aida Nurgaleeva says:

    Can anyone tell the name of the song on a 40 sec

  7. njfz says:

    Question: Laure used a song (during a workshop in Holland) with the lyrics V.I.P in it, does someone know which song this is??? Thanx!

  8. Dennis Oliveira says:

    inspiração hehe

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