Randy Hamdan, a Growing Entrepreneur

(PRWEB) December 12, 2013

Randy Hamdan’s professional career is about investing. He has started multiple websites and companies to help investors learn about and have an opportunity to invest in quality micro-cap and small-cap companies. One of Randy Hamdan’s primary talents is his ability to work with investor relations. He has the skills necessary to communicate with investors and to provide the right information to them when it’s needed. He enjoys investor relations a great deal and plans to continue the work for many more years.

A dream for many Americans that they think is impossible to ever achieve is to become the CEO of a company. Many US workers idolize the position since it often comes with high pay and plenty of benefits. Of course, that isnt always the case. Sure, many large corporations have highly paid CEOs with great benefits, but the reality is that many businesses (especially small businesses) do not have the profit margins these mega-companies enjoy.

Small businesses need CEOs just as much as a large business. Randy Hamdan has owned a variety of businesses throughout his time as an entrepreneur and an investor relations contractor. He knows firsthand that the work of a CEO is not always glorious or fun.

CEOs are faced with a great deal of responsibility for the companies and businesses they work for. They have to be held responsible for all of the successes but also all of the mistakes and failures a business goes through. This can be a rollercoaster of stress and emotions depending on how well the business does, or doesnt do.

Randy Hamdan himself is a CEO of two different companies: both of these sites deal with providing investors the information they need to make sound investments in micro-cap and small-cap companies which are poised for excellent growth and therefore excellent returns. Both companies require a lot of work, but Randy Hamdan loves the investment field and enjoys everything he has to do for the companies.

Despite the sometimes negative aspects of being a CEO, it is still very rewarding for Randy Hamdan. He enjoys getting up and heading to work every day; if he didnt, he would find a new line of work. He knows that he will continue to create businesses in the future and recognizes that working as a CEO is a necessary part of his professional career.

Additionally, Randy Hamdan considers himself an internet entrepreneur. He has been involved in online marketing for years. He has run numerous businesses that help other businesses and companies do social media marketing, email marketing, and online advertising. Randy Hamdan employs a great deal of experience he learned about online marketing over the years to help these companies be successful online.

Asked about the future of entrepreneurial activities, Randy Hamdan stated, “I feel like I have plenty more years to start a few more companies before I retire. I’m happy where I am right now, but there are so many opportunities that will be coming to fruition in the future and I want to be a part of them.”

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