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Comment below: 1. Your ranking of 2PM 2. The next K-Pop group I should rank Got any questions? Email me at freshlypatrick@gmail.com Send me mail: P.O. Box 680285 Houston, TX 77268 FOLLOW…

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  1. 1.Taeceyon (was my UB til WGM) 2.Nichkun 3.Wooyoung 4. Junho 5. Jun.K 6. Chansung EXO please might as well get the 12 of them out the way lmaoooo 

  2. 1. Wooyoung(cute, sexy, handsome, funny, i like the way he dance) 2. Junho (cute, sexy butt yeahh, talented so on) 3. Nichkhun (definitely perfect, 1st member i know in 2pm) 4. Jun. K (powerful vocalist, talented, handsome, fashionista) 5. Chansung (giant sexy adorable maknae) 6. Taecyeon (sexy, beast, handsome.. Omg) Ok patrick, to be honest if there’s no 2PM in kpop, im no longer kpop fan.. Im only into kpop because of one and only OUR 2PM.. i started liked them since 2009..and wooyoung since 2010 after i watched the without you MV.. Damn,, he’s so fucking hotttt.. The most important this is im a fanboy too.. Let’s start a world war to win wooyoung.. Lol just kidding.. I want to write more but im afraid you’ll get bored.. And please rank their junior GOT7..I’ll rank them after you.. 

  3. 1. Jun K. 2. Taecyeon 3. Nickhun 4. Junho 5. Chansung 6. Wooyoung (lol sorry patrick XD i still love him of course!! XD) RANK SHINEEE NEXT PLEASE!!!! XD lol

  4. 1. Taecyeon 2. Wooyoung 3. Junsu 4. Chansung 5. Junho 6. Nichkhun But 2pm is one of the few groups where i can’t help but love them all ♥ You could do After School… But with ALL members… meaning 11 ^^

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