Ranking All 13 of FX's Excellent Retired Dramas

Ranking All 13 of FX's Excellent Retired Dramas
FX's lineup over the years has been remarkably solid, creatively speaking, even if plenty of these excellent shows failed to find the audience they needed or deserved. In honor of Justified's finale, here's a ranking of all of FX's retired dramas, from …
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Ranking the NHL's playoff teams from 1-16
Part playoff Power Rankings, part forbidden science, part retribution for my colleagues running roughshod over me during our "consensus" Stanley Cup picks earlier this week, here is a ranking of the 16 teams that will set off from the Stanley Cup …
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Mortal Kombat 3: A definitive player ranking, 20 years later
I don't know how to answer that. A casual rabbit-holing down various Mortal Kombat wikias leads you to the conclusion that the third Mortal Kombat is controversial among fans of the series. There's no Scorpion, no Raiden, no Katana; Johnny Cage only …
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