Ranking the Batman Movies

We count down the Caped Crusader’s theatrically released feature films, from worst to best.

21 thoughts on “Ranking the Batman Movies

  1. #1 Batman (1989) #2 Batman Returns #3 The Dark Knight #4 Batman (1966) #5 Batman Begins #6 The Dark Knight Rises #7 Batman Forever #8 Batman & Robin…. And yes, The Dark Knight was the third best Batman movie.

  2. Wait wait wait, if you were considering animated movies then you could’ve chosen Under the Red Hood or Year One and so many others instead of Batman and Robing and Batman Forever.

  3. Batman Man and Robin and Mask of the Phantasm are on this list but under the red hood and the dark knight returns aren’t why are we funding this again?

  4. Batman Returns > The Dark Knight > Dark Knight Rises > Mask of the Phantasm > Batman > Batman Begins > Batman Forever > Batman & Robin. That wasn’t so hard…

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