Ranking the Best Sites for Fantasy Football Online

Ranking the Best Sites for Fantasy Football Online
Football and technology have become increasingly intertwined as time has gone on. Nowhere is this more evident than in the meteoric rise of fantasy football, which has gone from a pen and paper game for groups of NFL fanatics to an entire industry that …
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Macomb ranked in top 10 most affordable college towns
MACOMB — Macomb is ranked third in the nation as the "Most Affordable College Town to Live In," by the website, Realtor.com. Additionally, WIU is, for the 11th consecutive year, ranked as a “Best Midwestern University” by U.S News and World Report and …
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OkCupid Ranks Colleges Based On Sex Drive And Attractiveness
The online dating website OkCupid ranked colleges and universities analyzed on the habits of users from those schools and their responses to personality questions to determine a ranking of colleges based on attractiveness, writing, partying and sex drive.
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