Ranking the Call of Duty Games

Ranking the Call of Duty Games

There have been 10 Call of Duties in 10 years. Here’s our list from worst to best.
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16 Responses to Ranking the Call of Duty Games

  1. whos Evasive says:

    1. BO2 2. BO 3. COD4 The rest aren’t bearable/ haven’t played.

  2. mrjacob8792 says:

    Best 1. Bo2 2. Bo 3. Waw I only like the treyarc engine. My opinion Worst 1. Ghosts 2. Cod 1,2,3 3. Mw3 I dont like the infinity ward engine. Still my opinion 

  3. Jordyn Polderman says:

    Well I don’t have a favourite out of the MW series! 

  4. Adrian Camilo Chase Fernandez says:

    1-COD: 4 2- MW3 4- BO2 3- MW2 5- WaW anyone who doesn’t like COD is either a counter strike fan who likes FPS’s that are just “move and shoot” rather than the more tactical COD style, or has never played it and has been influenced with all the “cod sux” people Though I do have to agree, the “call of duty” title has just been recycled for the series, it only REALLY had meaning in COD 1 and 2. There you really felt like a you were called on duty

  5. D4RTH.B4TMAN says:

    1. World at war 2. Black ops 2 3. Black ops 1 4. Modern Warfare 1 5. Modern Warfare 2

  6. Hiprussianman says:

    10 years old.. and everyone thinks cod is shit :D

  7. TheUnrealTaco says:

    even though i knew cod 4 would be in 1st, all the cod’s are complete shit

  8. DanJaminFilms says:

    Whoever came up with top 10 is retarded

  9. Slim says:

    1. MW1 (COD 4) 2. MW2 3. BO1

  10. Cole Ellis says:

    1. World at War 2. Modern Warfare (original) 3. Black Ops (original)

  11. arcykaplanhehe says:

    1. modern warfare 2.black ops 3. modern warfare 2 4. world at war 5. black ops 2

  12. Zelym says:

    World at War has tha best campaign imo.

  13. Rens van der Hoeven says:

    My Top 3: 1. MW2 2. BO2 3. Ghosts

  14. ElephantWeasel says:

    One thing i’d say AGAINST Mw2 is that on Veteran it had a few too many ridiculous trial and error moments that had more to do with luck than anything else. Black Ops 1 had one moment that was as bad but Mw2 had 2-4 (been a few years now)…or maybe i was just really unlucky.

  15. Pugsliee says:

    Best/ most fun COD: 1. MW2 2. World at War 3. Cod 4 4. Black Ops 5. Black Ops 2 6. Cod 2 7. Cod 8. MW3 9. Ghosts 10. Cod 3 

  16. callum Ralston says:

    bo2 was terrible mw2 was the best

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