Ranking the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ranking the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Let's get down to it and rank the movies of the MCU. 1. “Iron Man” (2008) – “Iron Man” isn't necessarily the best film on this list but it easily had the biggest impact on the MCU. Until Tony Stark showed up, superhero flicks were a risky proposition …
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High-ranking Canadian military commander facing 10 sex-related charges
OTTAWA, Ontario – A high-ranking Canadian Forces officer is facing 10 sex-related charges related to allegations stemming from his mentoring of military cadets. The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service said Tuesday that Lt. Col. Mason Stalker …
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Ranking the Top 15 Players Still Available at the MLB Trade Deadline
As for how they're ranked, talent is obviously a vital component. But how their respective contract statuses and likely asking prices impact their trade value is also important. So rather than focusing strictly on talent, these rankings will reflect …
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