Ranking the United States' top 25 players

Ranking the United States' top 25 players
We get that — because before compiling this final ranking of the Top 25 Yanks, we sought the counsel of other close followers of the American game. Of course, there was no consensus, which is part of what makes the subject so fun to discuss. Everyone …
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Public Release: 28-Jan-2015 Chimps with higher-ranking moms do better in fights
"Or it may be that offspring of higher-ranking moms are bigger or stronger for their age, either because they and their moms had priority access to food or because the same genetics that made their moms high-ranking give them a competitive advantage …
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Ranking the Most Dominant Performances in Australian Open History
In ranking the 10 most dominant performances in Australian Open history, the quality of the opposition was given some consideration, and superiority in the later rounds carried a little more weight than supremacy in the early rounds. Ultimately, though …
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