Ranking the X-Men Movies

We rank all the X-Men movies, from the original to First Class to Days of Future Past. And yes, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is in there too!

25 thoughts on “Ranking the X-Men Movies

  1. “Take off your blinders brothers and sisters”(magneto first class) both first class and days of future past are way better than x2 at least in my opinion.

  2. I agree with this line up you can’t beat X2 the only bad things about that film that stands out is the lack of epic events from key characters and the portray of characters like rouge.. I am still disappointed about the use of the iceman i am sure he should be nearer to the age of scott summers and Jean Grey

  3. I’m not satisfiied with Days of Future Past, too. Best scene was Qucksilver’s and i dont know…Just because she is Jennifer Lawrance they focused on MYSTIQE character way too much… I think thats why it ruined..

  4. 7: X orogins 6: X 3 5: X1 4: wolverine 3:X2 2: DOFP 1: First class agree or disagree i don’t care first class is top for me obviously you’ll have a different opinion but I’m not really bothered

  5. Even though there may be disputes about whether X2 or DoFP was #1, I think we can all agree that X2 had the best soundtrack. It was so good that they used the same theme in DoFP (thanks to John Ottman coming back). 

  6. 1. X-Men: Days of Future Past (Amazing) 9.8/10 2. X-Men: First Class (Amazing) 9.5/10 3. X2 (Amazing) 9.3/10 4. The Wolverine (Great) 9.2/10 5. X-Men (Great) 9/10 6. X-Men: Last Stand (Bad) 6/10 7. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Big Fat Pile of Shit) 5.1/10

  7. Mine: 1). X-Men 2 2). X-Men: Days of Future Past 3). X-Men: First Class 4). X-Men 5). The Wolverine 6). X-Men: The Last Stand 7). X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  8. In my opinion 1. DOFP 2. X-Men 2 3. X-Men 1 4. The Wolverine 5. X-Men The Last Stand 6. X-Men First Class 7. X-Men Wolverine: Origins I didn’t much care for the last 2

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