Ranking up in CS:GO

NEVER EVER Edit: As of right now, this video, according to Youtube has 301+ views. This means that I am famous in my own eyes. My first act as creator of this video is demand Gabe Newell himself…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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10 Responses to Ranking up in CS:GO

  1. Keplers Kitty says:

    no matter how many games i win or lose in a row, DMG 4 LYF!!!!! it sucks

  2. ItsFunnyMan says:

    Yes, i just about died.

  3. Ellelele says:

    that p90 in the end XD

  4. norm4l says:

    What is that movie?

  5. Gene Starwind says:

    baby u famous now, shine bright.

  6. Mike Rotchburns says:

    so true

  7. um wut says:

    Amazing Editing

  8. BasildoomHD says:

    ha ha this is brilliant!

  9. Thebombfaction says:

    reddit m8

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