Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando – Nanotech Locations Guide

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21 Responses to Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando – Nanotech Locations Guide

  1. apeone5000 says:

    Dobbo was easy if u r in the first X shaped room and fly up and make a lucky right turn to turn around. Then you just do what paul said to get it

  2. DragonFist121 says:

    People are all fucking dumb at Ratchet and Clank Trilogy, Learn everything from the old classics you pigs.

  3. Elijah Williamson says:

    What I did to get the fifth Nanotech was slightly complicated. It took me about 10 tries to get it right. First off what you are going to have to do is when you start gliding, glide to the far left, automatically turn up and back down again to go through the small hole, afterwards, quickly do a 360 and BAM! you got the fifth Nanotech :). It sounds complicated I know, but it just takes time. I had some trouble doing it Pauls way, I almost raged quit.

  4. Arnór Ólafsson says:

    it could be because maybe you didn´t get max nanotech by killing enemies it could be

  5. Arnór Ólafsson says:

    i did the fifth one its really easy if you use first person mode glitch

  6. TheXChuChu says:

    meh name is da paul too.. lol nice vid though, im going through all of them trying to plat. but cba getting a million bolts in the first one.

  7. TheXChuChu says:

    i did number 5 with magic after an hour of pointing straight up after u start.

  8. imonster242DRohrer44 says:

    I got all the nano tech but no trophy…

  9. chride87 says:

    thx alot!

  10. Huascar Luis Cruz Rodriguez says:

    Dude, your videos are great, I’m doing all the original ratchet and clank, from 1 to Deadlocked, your guides has been extremely helpful, especially the gold bolts from the first one, and the one million bolt guide. Keep it man, you’re doing a great job, gracias from the dominican republic.

  11. MrDoeman16 says:

    The one on planet Dobbo was just plane the stupidest!!! challenge.. insomniac really did mess up on that

  12. FlaredFunk says:

    for the dobbo nanotek, you can just turn around in the first area. very quick. the only hard part is catching the nanotek in the air

  13. bigassmf says:

    LIKE THIS COMMENT SO OTHERS CAN SEE. for the nanotech in the factory with the glider you can turn around in the room right before the tunnel of death. its kind of tricky but its easier than traveling in that tunnel backwards. GOOD LUCK!

  14. Enrique Delgado says:

    Locked and loaded is what they call it in europe.

  15. Sonicdude83 says:

    Nanotech 5 took me about 6 min

  16. eivmoe says:

    5:37 it was on the insomniac museum at PS2.

  17. WebBannana says:

    On planet dobbo, you dont have to glide through the entire cource backwards, in the room with the beams next to the room were you take off, you can glide up, backwards and from there glide up to the nanotech, i have not tried the method shown in the video, although this method seems allot easyer, as I did it on my 3rd try, and im no pro.

  18. nhlhockey871 says:

    did you do challenge made first before getting all of these??

  19. TheUltimateShade667 says:

    quicker? yes. Alot easier. Hell no. just spent half an hour trying to pull up at the right time so u dont turn to far and hit the wall…

  20. deadlocked1000 says:

    That helped so much

  21. TheCoDBrothersGaming says:


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