Raven Launches Advanced SEO Link Report Tool

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

The weakest link of link building might be reporting. Simple reports can be too simple, and in-depth reports can take too long to create.

Today, Raven Internet Marketing Tools has released a way for advanced SEO link builders to drill down and quickly report on exactly the links and link metrics that clients care about most.

With the new module in Ravens Report Wizard, link builders can filter reports by link status, link type, website type, paid attributes, link monitoring metrics and more.

Link builders can choose to report results that emphasize what their campaign emphasizes, said Ravens Chief Product Officer Jon Henshaw. A more flexible, customizable report-building tool generates more meaningful, useful data for clients. Its an opportunity for link builders to show off their best results.

Digital managers or agency owners who want to create internal reports about staff productivity and work quality will also find this new module useful.

Advanced report filters now possible

Link type, then by website type: Filter to report only links from popular blogs, news outlets or other high-profile sites.

Link status, then by link monitoring quality scores: Filter to report active links with low scores that need attention or high scores that need maintenance.

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