Raw Food Recipes – Blueberry Banana “Cereal” with Fresh Young Coconut Milk

SHOP.life-regenerator.com * http * Raw Food Recipes * Blueberry Banana “Cereal” with Fresh Young Coconut Milk You are gonna love this one, and kids love it too! Say good-bye to cooked, processed & packaged cereals, as this is one delicious and satisfying breakfast, lunch OR dinner!! =) INGREDIENTS: ~ Young Coconuts (meat & water) ~ Bananas ~ Blueberries PREPARATION: 1) Slice bananas into serving bowls 2) Add blueberries 3) Blend the water and meat from fresh young coconuts in your Vita-Mix or another type of high-powered blender BLENDER.life-regenerator.com 4) Pour over bananas and blueberries 5) Serve and enjoy! PEACE, DAN =) . http . .
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  2. he is so fucking wrong about nuts and salt. We NEED nuts and salt.They are fucking nutritional.Also the brain burns only sugars, so we need sugar as well.Brown sugar,melassa and fruits….

  3. yo azz is 2 cool fo school patna I can dig it ! Starting 10/1/12 Im really going to try n embrace this raw eating lifestyle butterumm I am an extremely obese mom whos definately addicted to all kinds of poisons already but I am truly ready for an EXTREME changenot only in how Im looking but how I feel ~Im sick n tired of always being tired and never feeling good ~ so should I only be eating fruits n drinking green juice in the beginning cause Ive seen alot of different raw recipes ?

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