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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. CallRachel says:

    funny walnuts look like a brain!

  2. Asana Crystal says:

    i am definitely gonna make this wow

  3. janna richardson says:

    so awesome, I made it with fresh basil. Yum!

  4. AntiVaccine2 says:

    Too simple without extra herbs like cinnamon..whynot something sweet or hot insideÉ OH Garlic does that enough I guess!

  5. GIA KATZ says:

    Hey Dan, on March 31st i made my declaration =) to go on a April Raw food Challenge and i have since, thx Dan. Your daughter was really funny at the end going for some more noodles =D

  6. Priscilla James says:


  7. Maritza Acevedo says:

    Thanks Dan, I been trying to eat as much raw as possible. I was listening to your statement on how seeds and nuts are hard to digest, and I believe you, but most recipes I am finding are with them. I need more ideas or I am going to have a hard time going to the bathroom LOL

  8. higherfirer says:

    Nice NutriBullet you got there, it’s my favorite investment besides my juicer I have ever made in life.

  9. Arylson Caetano says:

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  10. SuperHwak360 says:

    Next time try to put cilantro ill give it a thin taste

  11. nightwidow says:

    hot daughters u got there SON.

  12. peacefrog1916 says:

    No pleasure in life is worth forgoing just for an extra few years on the geriatric ward.

  13. Lysa Johnson says:

    You guys are adorable!

  14. NicolaSophiiia says:

    Does your entire family eat a raw food diet?

  15. IntelInside2020 says:

    Lol-the other girl didn’t want to be on video?

  16. Graciela Valderrama says:

    Ha ha ha! Katia is funny. I think she’s going to be the lady life regenerator on you tube in the future .. or a performer of some kind ha ha ha! Lovely recipe and video. Continuous blessings to you all!!! Light and Love!!!

  17. brcage says:

    They look like they have a awsome family! Great job Dan!!!

  18. Shannon Tyler says:

    Sweet! That looks delicious!

  19. VeganizeUrLife ONT says:

    She probably didnt want to be on Camera. Awww. :)

  20. errington420 says:

    thats his daughter..

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