Raw Video: Homeowner Shoots at Fake FBI Agents

A Florida homeowner turned the tables on some fake FBI agents when he fired his gun and sent them running for cover. Surveillance video caught the suspects trying to break into the man’s house. (July 14)
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19 thoughts on “Raw Video: Homeowner Shoots at Fake FBI Agents

  1. Nice try or should I say lie. How is your family “now unprotected”?They didn’t come and confiscate your guns, so if your family had guns they would still have them.

  2. I wasn’t making an argument, I was asking a question, which you technically have still not answered, so I’ll be more specific. What you said was that if you’re unarmed you have ZERO chance of survival. So that means that no one in the history of armed burglary has ever survived a home invasion if the suspect had a gun and the homeowner did not. That’s literally what your original statement said, which, I presume, is why you changed it to “more likely” – the way you should have written it. 🙂

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