Raw video: Robot camera inside Pike River mine

First pictures from inside the Pike River mine which show the miner’s helmet and mine damage.
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12 thoughts on “Raw video: Robot camera inside Pike River mine

  1. Heard today that fresh air was pumped into the mine after the explosion, in the hope that more miners would walk out as the two survivers did. That would have definitley increased the risk of another explosion…”and there was” !!….seems like another cover up to me !!

  2. No one knows or understands what the familys are going through, none knows what caused the explosion, what you comenters are saying is to leave your son, father, brother down a hole after they gave you life, fed you, loved you and you want to leave them in a soggy, dark damp place, the one place they would not want to be down, Work. Screw that. If that was you would you want to have peace for you family, for ourself, would you want a send of?

  3. have you ever been in an underground coal mine, do you understand much about methane buildup and drainage, how long it takes, coal oxidation and all the other gases involved in a recovery ,,,,,,,sometimes its better to let go then kill more people ,,,im an underground miner ,,,,and its nothing like cooking a chicken …

  4. When you cook a roast chicken and the bag doesnt pop, you take the initiative to do that so it can rest as well. Pike disaster maybe a complex matter with all its variables, but simple and sound methods such as this could have easily reduced the tension of the mine. But the naysayers always seems have an excuse. but the real truth is actually quite simple. Do we honestly think we dont have the means to do this ASAP. i am an engineering student and i had to learn this from my own mother. SHAMEFUL

  5. The soldiers of war who died in afghanistan, iraq etc, were brought home in honor. The pike disaster, only goes to show how advanced we really are in solving these kinds of problems. Cant we do some lateral thinking and create multiple holes on the way to the shaft to let some of the pressure of the gases out. Like poking a hole in an oven that didnt pop. Come on man think think and then act…NOW

  6. This is a touching story. but the truth of it lies in the investment(assets-coal) that these bast**ds have tried so hard to protect. Lawyers, politicians, the company, the ANALysts(who dont know any more than you and I), real gutless pricks. Their so called guesstimates are way off the mark. Get it and it shows how much knowledge we have in New Zealand Universities and Polytechs. Not much at all. This is a disgrace. And those investors who are caught in the middle of it all, downright useless

  7. Also incase you say i dont care about the miners i went on a pike river charity motorbike ride last year with about another 200 or so people & we raised over $8000 which went to the families

  8. ur totally dumb first there was an explosion & they didnt go in because they believed there was going to be another & well guess what there was then the also couldnt send anybody down because the gases that filled the mine were toxic & highly explosive thats why they sent the robot in so think about that.

  9. All I’msaying is that you have no right to tell anyone to go into that mine. You don’t know the full detials, neither do I, so we have to trust the experts

  10. Why the fuck not? It’s their kids, fathers, uncles and bothers that have died!!! As a miners daughter I have the right to stand up and say what I feel, just like you do, even though you may never have seen a pit mine shaft in your life. Sorry doll, but it was as shoddy a job as I’ve ever seen, and if you dig a bit deeper into what could have been done to help, then you’ll agrree with my feelings on this.

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