Ray Kurzweil at DEMOfall 2012

Well-known author, entrepreneur and futurist Ray Kurzweil talks about mapping the human brain, the continuing evolution of technology and continued rise of artificial intelligence from the DEMOfall 2012 show in Santa Clara, Calif.
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13 thoughts on “Ray Kurzweil at DEMOfall 2012

  1. Great video! Thank you for sharing! I met Kurzweil in February of last year (2011) and asked him about another futurist who is my favorite, 96-year-old Jacque Fresco, (who is in my YouTube picture with me) and I find it amazing that Kurzweil had never heard of Fresco at the time. We need to link up these self-proclaimed “futurists” so that we can help the “singularity” come to us faster. Please check out my YouTube page to see this short video of me meeting Kurzweil.

  2. I completely agree… Last week I had a discussion with my boss because he refused to believe that robotic cars will be commercially available in 2025. His argument off course being that technology hasn’t evolved that much the last 10 years… But lighten up man, it’s only a joke and you’re preaching to the choir here. 😉

  3. This topics need to be repeated, because it’s not main stream yet, especially “exponential growth”. For some reason the media and politician find it harmful to their platforms.

  4. Happy to see this uploaded, particularly a response to the question concerning a malevolent AI; can’t say I’m at all surprised that his answer would be an even more intelligent friendly AI

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