Raynor Named 1 of 10 Illinois Companies to Work with IML Supercomputer Pilot Program

Dixon, IL (PRWEB) January 03, 2014

The formation of the Illinois Manufacturing Lab (IML) was announced by Governor Pat Quinn in February 2013. With a mission to address broad-based manufacturing challenges in Illinois, IML brings together technical resources and commercialized expertise to increase the competitiveness, productivity and profitability of Illinois manufacturers. The IML is supported by matching $ 5 million contributions from the State of Illinois and the University of Illinois leveraging the UI Labs platform.

On Friday, December 13th, Governor Quinn, along with Caralynn Nowinski, UI Labs executive director and chief operating officer, announced the 10 companies that were selected to take part in the initial pilot projects. Raynor Manufacturing Company was selected as 1 of 10 companies to participate in the project.

Raynor will be working with IML and their supercomputer to develop computer simulations of loads on garage door sections.

Our goal is to streamline our product design and development process by establishing a baseline simulation model that reflects the loads seen on a garage door section. We would like to simulate these forces, and then be able to make adjustments to our design criteria to enhance or reduce materials and components. Working with IMLs supercomputer should enable us to develop products faster and more efficiently to give our customers a better and more cost effective product, said Brad Kunde, Director of Product Engineering at Raynor

As more states and municipalities enact stricter building codes in areas of the country affected by hurricanes and tornadoes, Raynors goal will be to improve the design of products that can have a positive influence to safeguarding property and life, and improve our speed to market. The IML supercomputer will be an integral part of that development process.

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