Razer Edge Pro Review | Engadget

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15 Responses to Razer Edge Pro Review | Engadget

  1. etc15100 says:

    So this can play all pc games? What about online multiplayer?

  2. ZxLonelyRangerxZ says:

    Agreed , unless the battery lifespan is alot more higher . i dont think people would really want it , because as far as i see its far suited for gaming on the go

  3. ultimatepower says:

    1:47-3:13 R.I.P. Razer Edge Pro…Console and PC gaming for the win!!!

  4. arthermc1 says:

    Well if you have there custom xbox remote with usb port it should plug right in the top without any extra expenses if you already have it.

  5. xxbos3od99xx says:

    can you connect a xbox or ps3 controller to it 

  6. Antonio Micevski says:

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  7. ali abu jumah says:

    You are fucking funnyi

  8. rohit mukherjee says:

    how will buy ps vita?? it sucks and it’s better for people who are n00bs to gaming like you

  9. RandomTurtle21x says:

    This thing is really cheap compared to gaming laptops here in New Zealand. I’m assuming your in the US and really you guys need to stfu and come to New Zealand for a day. Then you’ll see how lucky you are with game prices, this is probably the cheapest piece of good hardware New Zealanders could get and it aint being released here!

  10. RandomTurtle21x says:

    Ok first off no one knows the price of the PS4 and second compared to gaming PCs here in New Zealand, especially laptops, this thing is fucking CHEAP.

  11. Brandon McCarthy says:

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  12. ali abu jumah says:

    you can a ps4 and a ps vita with the half of this tablets price

  13. hatecrewXcolin says:

    skyrim ??? SKYRIM?!?! woah ! but this thing is fucking expensive <.<

  14. iPoxly says:

    Hows minecraft on this?

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