RC F-18 turbine / Pilot Dewey Davenport (onedgerc@yahoo.com)

RC F-18 turbine / Pilot Dewey Davenport (onedgerc@yahoo.com)

Dewey Davenport,flys his F/18 at the KY Jet show,in Ky.Lenny Kravitz singing Fly Away.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to RC F-18 turbine / Pilot Dewey Davenport (onedgerc@yahoo.com)

  1. Wilfred Charles says:

    That Jet is awesome

  2. CodNumberOneFan says:

    lets get like 50 of those to form over north korea to show them whos boss. they will all poop themselves and never attack us!

  3. momo1176 says:

    How much does something like that cost?

  4. Snapx4000 says:

    lol FPV?

  5. afunkybudgie says:

    that is fucking sick!

  6. FoxifiedNutjob says:

    If YOU like the music so much, why not just keep the video to yourself? Why even post it for others to watch? The guy is right, the music sucks because its waaay over used and only takes away from listening to the real, natural beauty of the turbine. If you can’t take criticism, just delete you account and keep this shit to yourself.

  7. kaylemg says:

    buddy much respect im just finishing my build im 14 000 deep

  8. Tinytacohead says:

    Notice how his comment’s on top? I also agree & no need to be such a smartass. Furthermore, you’ve obviously missed the point. Just about anybody with any kind of interest in engines, wants to hear the tiny turbines – not music. (this goes for almost anything on YouTube with a running engine) Turning the sound off doesn’t help in the least. I appreciate the video, it’d have just been better without the music, or at least after the Top Gun Anthem stops. :)

  9. Surya Shanmugam says:

    Oh wait sorry,i also hate the second part of the music.My apologises :(

  10. SupportOurTroops2424 says:

    i think i just jizzed a little 

  11. aeroangrymoose says:

    coulda just removed his comment, no need to douche bag man..

  12. bontromium says:

    great vid. shit music.

  13. Mr556x45mm says:

    thumbs up if you think the army should put UAV’s out of service and use these

  14. cxiong116 says:

    Music kills vid. Totally killed it.

  15. artstudent07 says:

    I agree too lol!!

  16. EdinKulelija says:

    That RC model of the F/A-18 is just beautiful!

  17. burt591 says:

    great song

  18. ecotts says:

    The music is cool..

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