#rcnvs Mobile Recruitment Made Simple

#rcnvs Mobile Recruitment Made Simple
Event on 2014-08-13 10:00:00

If you have a spare 2 minutes and 40 seconds, check out a video from a previous Reconverse event here.Every statistic you read now days points to the fact that the world is "going mobile" and will have you convinced that without a multi-layered 3D hyper mobile strategy in place, your company will explode or something.  Well guess what?  It won't.  However, doing some really simple things can mean you are not losing a potentially amazing candidate through the process, gives every one of your candidates the best experience possible and can make life a lot easier for your recruiters.
The aim of this event is to cut through the statistics and look at what practical changes can be made by the in-house teams that can make all the difference when it comes the use of mobile within the recruitment process.
This event will cover:
– The effect of mobile on the candidate experience- Available technology partners and what to look for- Running your own mobile audit- Using geolocation advertising- Mobile SEO and PPC- Creating 24/7 candidate engagement- Creating mobile friendly content- The ATS issue and practical solutions- Creating real ROI metrics for mobile

This event will be split into three parts:

Supplier Speed Meetings: In our unique speed meeting format, delegates will meet a selection of hand-picked suppliers who have a proven track record in aiding in-house recruitment teams source the right candidates, build their direct source model and can add value to their current sourcing strategy.

Thought Leadership Presentations: Industry thought leaders will kick off the round table discussions with insightful, inspiring and practical presentations on the subject of the day, giving delegates rarely seen information and case studies to take back to their teams.

Round Table Discussion: Exclusively for the employer delegates, we will host a round table discussion, offering a chance to share best practice, connect with industry peers and debate the subject of the day. This is peer to peer learning at its best.

Reconverse always aim to build an encouraging, fun and learning environment to test ideas and share experiences. Delegates will leave better informed and safe in the knowledge that other recruitment and resourcing professionals face similar challenges.

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