Re: Google Chrome: Coffee (Jen’s Response)

A man used the web to try and win back the one that got away…but there was a reason she left. The ex-girlfriend’s response to Mark Potter’s Google Chrome C…
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24 thoughts on “Re: Google Chrome: Coffee (Jen’s Response)

  1. What Thomas says is spot on. I watched this and basically thought what a whiney bitch, if it was real no bloke would ever go near her!! It’s comedy, but its rubbish American comedy. There’s some great American comedy, but there’s some really terrible stuff, and this is terrible. Stuff that only Americans or Only Way Is Essex fans would like. Now stop bitching about who is right and who is wrong. Some like it, some don’t.

  2. Thom, ur a butthead and dont understand humor..maybe u have to be American to get it..please stop being a fag..ohh..wait..not the same ignorent too..

  3. This sucks! Americans have no grasp, irony or subtlety or the nuances of true humour. In fact almost any comedy that doesn’t stem from or lean on stupidity is MIA in USA, plus all that girl does is piss, moan and cry. I would have cut my wrist is i had to put up with that s**t day in, day out. Mark get your arse back down that strip club and thank your dear fluffy Lord you dodged that Fugly bullet.

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