Re-Train Your Brain to Live a More Optimistic Life in On-Line Summit, “The Positivity Project,” with the World’s Leading Experts in Positivity, March 4-May 2.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 25, 2013

Learn how to re-train your brain and live a more optimistic life from the worlds top positivity experts in a free on-line summit, The Positivity Project: Expanding Global Optimism at work … at life, March 4 through May 2. The summit is targeted to those interested in personal and professional development, personal growth and self-help.

Speakers include Dr. Rick Hanson (Buddha’s Brain), Dr. Christine Carter (“Raising Happiness”), New York Times best-selling author Marci Shimoff (Happy for no Reason), Mark Waldman (How God Changes Your Brain, an Oprah pick for best read of 2012), and HeartMaths Howard Martin.

Our bosses, friends, family and the media constantly find ways to remind us that all is not well, there is reason to worry, that someone is to blame. According to these naysayers, the world is coming to an end and soon. But negativity is not our natural born state. Humans have thrived through our ability to cooperate and innovate solutions in a constantly changing world.

“The Positivity Project” will bring together 18 of the worlds top experts in positivity and optimism, to teach techniques and strategies to escape the stress and negativity that surrounds us all, and to learn how to increase productivity, positivity and quality of life.

On consecutive Monday and Thursday nights, 7-8:15 pm EST, each speaker will share their knowledge and experience and offer practical ideas for creating personal and global shifts in consciousness from a negative, problem focused existence to a positive, action-oriented mindset and lifestyle. (Full speaker line-up available at – back)

In addition, a special bonus call will take place on Wednesday, March 27th with Mark Waldman, author of HOW GOD CHANGES YOUR BRAIN.

Listen live as scientists, sociologists, psychologists, business leaders, best-selling authors, community activists and others share the secrets of how positivity promotes both success and a more connected, fulfilling life.

The Summit will feature interviews about positivity in all aspects of modern life, including:

— the brain (the neuroscience of happiness)

— the workplace (corporate and entrepreneurial), employee engagement

— intimate relationships and in parenting

— spirituality, creativity, innovation, and humor

— the body

— education

— and more.

The event will be hosted by Professional Coaches Kathy Poehnert and Alan Cohen who will help you integrate the experts perspectives into a meaningful and practical plan.

We have become so aware and sensitive to the negativity and fear around us, we wanted to do something about it, Poehnert said. Added Cohen, We know these conversations around creating more positivity are happening on many levels, in many places, and we wanted to join our voices and efforts in creating a community focused on happiness and optimism.

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