REACH THEM : How to better use SMARTphones for Social Media, Marketing, Communication & Ministry

REACH THEM : How to better use SMARTphones for Social Media, Marketing, Communication & Ministry
Event on 2013-03-02 09:00:00




Receive tips how to promote and communicate with your audience from your SMARTPHONE 


Check out this video to better understand why you should attend this event.


The SMARTPHONE is the most used device in our life. It has now become an amazing tool for building relationships.  It can be used to delivery messages in different formats and quickly.

So why haven't you started to use a smartphone to reach your target audience? 

154 million smartphones were sold in 2012, an increase of 43% (

Why should you attend? It's simple, this is a turnkey workshop packed with useful information you can apply immediately in improving communication.


  Here is what you will gain from attending this workshop: 

  • How to create a media/communication strategy that you can execute from your smartphone 
  • Data on key trends in the country that will change the way you reach your audience
  •  Ways to measure if your communication tools are effective (Analytics)
  • Ways to broadcast your content or website to a larger audience 
  • How Integrating a CLOUD can increase your ability to deliver information faster 
  • Key things to know when building promotions
  • How to use photos, infographics, and video to attract your target audience
  •  How to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Livestream, Youtube, Blogs and other popular online tools into your strategy
  • Learn about key things you need to SOUP-UP your smartphone 
  • How to use APPS to drive people to your content and communicate with people on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • How to sell products and collect donations using your phone
  • Key things you should know about shooting 30-60 second videos to use to promote yourself

Things you should consider bringing to the training:

Laptop, electronic Tablet, Smartphone, photo and video camera




at North Texas Conference Ministry Center
500 Maplelawn Drive
Plano, United States

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