Ready for liftoff: West Seattle boys in the 'MoonBots' finals

Ready for liftoff: West Seattle boys in the 'MoonBots' finals
The boys received a Lego Mindstorms robotic kit from which they have designed a robot that can carry out several missions on a lunar landscape that they also designed and built (with a little parental help). … The team will be in the new Space Gallery.
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Gustav Metzger Thinks About Nothing
In an attempt to create a visual representation of empty thoughts, artist Gustav Metzger hooked himself up to a robot carving machine, that turned his brainwaves into a sculpture. Null Object, a visual representation of … The project is being …
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In praise of politics
This nascent political maturity makes people realise you don't become a robot to "follow Busta till you die" in any party. I encourage … Do you enter the gallery with a gait which says, "This is the bastion of my freedom, the home of my democracy …
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