Ready, Set, Game! – Top 10 Super Nintendo Games!

Ready, Set, Game! - Top 10 Super Nintendo Games!

Welcome to Ready, Set, Game! Episode 2 where I give you my top 10 SNES games of all time. Did some of your favorites make the cut? Let me know in the comments or in a video response for your own countdown. Enjoy! For updates check out my twitter! – Or check out my livestream! – And I do LPs as well! –
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23 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Game! – Top 10 Super Nintendo Games!

  1. Opinions are opinions-Link to the past, Super Mario world, Contra 3, and turtles in time are on EVERYBODY’S list… It’s nice to see something different

  2. This list was awful, Aladdin on genesis was the good one, and you put megaman7 over megamanX? Next time play more games on that platform befor doing a top 10 list, just saying

  3. ok this list is terrible, you have aladdin and pac man, but you neglect Link to the past!?!? where is Secret of Mana, contra 3, turtles in time, or even joe and mac???

  4. the snes had to many great games of equal worth. id say making a top 10 lists considering all the good games would be difficult and close to impossible

  5. Also, the games I liked the most overall are: the Kingdom hearts series, Sensible world of soccer, Final Fantasy 12, Rayman 2, the Lion King game, Rayman, Mario, and there ere a WHOLE lot of other games.

  6. Well, I didn’t own a Super Nintendo, but my best friend borrowed one for a couple of months. Then we played Super mario brothers together, and it was fun!

  7. Mother 2 (Earthbound), Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger are the only SNES games I still play every so often just because they are so fun xD I never played Super Mario RPG… Maybe I should try it some day.

  8. Wow I agree with mostly everything on this list except for pacman 2! I think final fantasy is a far better game and would be on my top ten list way before pacman 2. But we all have our own opinions though. 😛

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