Real Ancient Technology Found in Cuzco Peru 2012 New

Here is more ancient wonder live from Brien Foerster –
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24 thoughts on “Real Ancient Technology Found in Cuzco Peru 2012 New

  1. I agree with you my friend, it is obvious that they blocks were poured. They think they are carved blocks because current carbon dating methods are wrong. The blocks are so dense because the are much older then we believe ( and not me).

  2. What’s special about this? You could drill holes thousands of years ago, Egyptians did this all the time and we know and can replicate how with extremely simple tools. A cylinder stick, rotating, with sand and pressure. Holes were useful for rope holes for dragging stones, connecting them, or adding wooden beams to for floors walls and tables. There is an explanation for it, all of it.and it makes a lot of sense.

  3. actually, not a bad theory. Cement can be made of burned limestone. We know that South American civilizations burned limestone to make plaster for record keeping. It seems they made the holes to keep the tetris-like blocks together. And, you have to make them “L” shaped so they are easier to fasten together. A bunch of cubes would be much harder and less stable to build with

  4. they look like poured concrete blocks and when the block was in its liquid state, they inserted a round tube in it, the score marks are from the tube being pushed and tapped out of the block once its hard, or..its an alien drillbit! LOL

  5. I don’t understand why people find it so difficult to believe that early people couldn’t even use their brain to create a drill. I mean even in biblical times they were able to build temples, and castles, etc… Yet there is no explanation. Noah supposedly built a giant boat 450 ft long, 75ft wide, and 45 ft high. And the dimensions in the bible actually make sense from an engineering standpoint and would make the boat a worthy craft.


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  8. He shouldn’t even make the assumption that a tool caught hard stone as debris causing the scoring. He can’t even figure out how the hole was cut. Making assumptions; no good.

  9. The ancient Egyptians drilled holes in granite 4500 years ago using hole saws and tube drills, they might have used oil and emery as the abrasive. They even recovered some rock cores the ancient Egyptians left behind. The Inca’s likely used a similar technique. They only thing you need is an abrasive harder than the rock your cutting, Diorite isn’t that hard. Quartz and Garnet are harder. Look up “Ancient Egyptian Stone Drilling” and “Ancient Egyptian Stoneworking Tools and Methods”

  10. it was a temple to some forgotten god, some of the stones were used as molds for forging tools, the rock itself is quite soft, not as soft as limbstone but its not marble or anything, its not as old as most people think (mainley due to a ancient aliens lieing in a piece about this place) anyone that has worked with stone will tell you that this is all pretty basic shit shaping wise, guys do a little reasearch then do some research on your soucrces, AA have been known to blatentley lie just to ma

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