Real Estate Internet Marketing Specialist ARME Announces New Packages

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) August 16, 2013

Real estate internet marketing specialist ARME has announced the release of their new low priced marketing packages. The company has been working avidly with members of the real estate industry to begin developing real estate business websites online. Over the course of the last three months the company is said to have signed contracts with over forty real estate agents and brokers of the real estate industry.

Since the company began offering their services to the public they have been trying to find a way to make web development affordable to all agents and brokers. As such, they have created a number of packages that will begin pricing at $ 199 per month. According to the company there are other packages that are available for those agents and brokers that wish to build their website on a more aggressive marketing platform.

ARME has been working for sometime to develop a system that would cut the cost of web development but still expand and grow the website steadily over time. The end result is a base package setup starting at $ 199 per month and then increasing in price from there. The starting package will provide a real estate agent or broker with an interactive website designed at installed on either the clients server or ours, states Simon Landers, spokesperson.

Mr. Landers continues, The package will also include a variety of search engine optimization functions that will be performed on the site. Things like email marketing campaigns will be setup to collect information and send weekly emails to people who are interested in your services. There will also be video and press distributions to all the major news and media outlets once a month. Social networking is also very important so accounts will be created and managed with sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

If you would like to learn more about the website packages now available from real estate internet marketing specialist ARME call (727) 459-8841 to speak with an agent.

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